Monelise is an artist in whose haunting compositions lush cinematic soundscapes are situated into 21st century tone poems. Her music blurs the boundaries between acoustic and electronic instrumentation; hauntological longing and euphoria. Inspired by Kate Bush, David Lynch, trip hop sampling and some of the classical "greats", she makes the beautiful and the uncanny collide in a startling way. 

Having toured over 20 street pianos and traveled to Iceland to make an elemental music video, 'The Flood', in 2017, she is currently completing her Masters Degree in Popular Music at Goldsmiths University and performing at some of London's most elegant venues. 

Monelise's 2018 highlights include having 'The Flood' video selected to play in Topshop stores and boutiques throughout June and July and her track 'Memory' being handpicked for NX Records' official 2018 mixtape. 

Her environmentally inspired piece "Breathing Earth" was also included in the Whitstable Biennale's 2018 programme. 

She is currently preparing to showcase 45 minutes of original music with a full band on 6th September at The Albany, Deptford. This is her most experimental, ambitious and eclectic body of work yet. 

*The Flood has gained radio play on: Heat FM, WA12 'Breaking' show, Channel Radio, Wythenshawe FM, Control Radio, Sound Lab Radio, Shoreditch Radio, K107FM, Graffiti Vibe Radio and TV


Reviews for 2017 single 'Your Moon':

"There's a uniquely ethereal nature to 'Your Moon,' as if Monelise plucked the lyrics and melody from the stars themselves" (Brett Stewart, The Independent Spotlight)

Review by Mad Alice Records:

"Your Moon is a vivid and memorable song that touches you for a number of reasons. The lyrics are deep and wise whilst the vocal and composition have ethereal majesty and spine-tingling moments." (musicmusingsandsuch)

Full review here:

Reviews for 2018 single 'The Flood':

"The tracks are well crafted and produce such large and vast sounds accentuated with delicate and articulate vocals.  There is a dreamy nature to her music that is a bit rapturous and allows you to sink right in.  She is an artist that clearly seeks to generate beauty in her sound but also formulating an image that resonates with the poetic essence she is putting forth.  Her music is altogether emotive and reflective and has a luminosity to it that lends a sense of calm to the atmosphere." (The Music Site)

By Andreea Otilia Suiu

By Andreea Otilia Suiu