Oracle Cards

Experience a one-of-a-kind journey with Monelise's Musical Oracle, a set of 28 unique cards that weave key archetypes and characters from Monelise's musical mythology into their enchanting designs. These cards fuse the enchanting lyrics and captivating paintings of artist Monelise, serving as a portal into the mystical world of her music and inviting you to explore the legend of your own life through her art.

Key Features:

Artist's Essence: Monelise's personal touch infuses each card, offering a deeply intimate connection to her musical mythology.

  • 28 Inspirational Cards: Delve into a diverse range of cards, each representing a different facet of Monelise's musical world, providing insights and guidance.
  • Digital Album: Included is a digital copy of Monelise's album, "Sanctify My Love," enhancing your connection to the oracle's energy.
  • Comprehensive Guide: A beautifully crafted digital guidebook accompanies the cards, offering interpretations and insights for each card.
  • Personal Journey: These cards empower you to navigate the legend of your life, drawing on the wisdom and artistry of Monelise for clarity, creativity, and introspection.

Unlock the magic of Monelise's world, where key archetypes and characters from her musical mythology come to life, and let her music guide you on the path to discovering the legend of your life with Monelise's Musical Oracle Cards.